Affordable Web Design

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Affordable Web Design

We favour building websites that are clean and simple in design and that get the message across with the minimum of fuss.

A modern website should be quick to load and adhere to the latest web standards for compatibility and accessibility with a clear and intuitive navigation structure.

We think a website needs to fulfil these basic criteria:

Easy to navigate

Easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye

Deliver the right information

Deliver the information the visitor is seeking


Be consistent with existing brand identity

Work everywhere

Work on all browsers and devices

How We Match Up

Just take a look at what we offer compared to some of the most popular competitors:

Stingray Wix Squarespace Yell GoDaddy
Domain name or .com Yes 1st Year 1st Year Yes 1st Year
Custom email addresseseg. Unlimited No One One Yes
SEO optimizedBe found in search engines Yes No No Yes No
Annual cost 1st yearTotal cost inc. VAT £97 £122 £108 £910 £100
Annual cost years 2+ £49 £137 £127 £432 £115

In addition, all our websites have the following features:

  • Initial web pages created for you
  • Easily manage and edit site content
  • Website security (https/ssl 'padlock')

Your Website

For your business website, consider these important areas:


Purpose – what do you want from website


Audience – who is your main target market


Content – both now and in the future


Design - what style or tone do you want to use

We will build a website that is suited to your business and lets your potential customers know what you do and how they can get hold of you.

Our Prices

We charge a very reasonable flat rate of £97 which is for a standard multi-page 'Brochure Site' with text and images supplied by you. We'll let you know exactly what we need from you - then we'll put it all together for you!

We will handle the design and layout for you and there are only very limited customisations available at this price - we have found that for the vast majority of small businesses this is all they need.

If you want something special then ask us for a quote - we can code anything you want!

More Information About Websites

Here are some important points about websites in general that we think you need to be aware of:

Questions and Next Steps

You've probably got loads more questions for us - that's normal! Click here to see some of our previous work, or use our contact page to get in touch to discuss your new website project - you could be up and running within the next week!

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